Biscuits Brutti ma buoni (ugly but good)

Biscuits Brutti ma buoni

I tasted these cookies 'ugly but good', for the first time during a family visit in Italy. We were gone before a pastry-confectionery showcase, totally Italian retro and I do not know why, But even ugly, they were attracted to me. In fact, now I know why. They are too good !!!
After this first test, as I slowly forgot, I confess… My sister-in-law brought in to me a few weeks ago and therefore handed me in head. We had an evening desserts between bloggers in the region, I said to myself that I could try to make myself. And as they are without flour it was perfect for one of us, intolerant to gluten.

Biscuits Brutti ma buoni

Biscuits Brutti ma buoni (ugly but good)


  • 120 g sucre glace
  • 1 vanilla sugar
  • 100 g roasted whole hazelnuts
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 pinch of salt


Preheat oven to 180 °.

Blend coarsely 1 handful of hazelnuts and book, then finely blend the rest of hazelnuts. Mix them 2. Add the sugar and the vanilla sugar, mix and book.

In another bowl, Whisk the egg whites and then very gently stir the previous mix.

Pour the batter into a pan and heat to light soft while stirring to lightly dry. It will take a few minutes so that it comes off walls.

With the help of a spoon, form small piles of dough on baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Bake for 15 my, the surface must crack and dry but not too much color. Let cool on a rack and then enjoy.

These cookies can keep up to 1 week in an airtight. They will be even better prepared the day before, then they will tend to harden slightly. But good, I doubt they are even there… ;-)

Biscuits Brutti ma buoni

Biscuits Brutti ma buoni

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16 commentaires

  1. J’en pique un pour mon quatre heures !

  2. ils ne sont pas si moches comme tu dis, mais doivent être tellement bon !!!

  3. Mmm, c’est vrai qu’ils ont l’air bien bons. J’en ferais bien mon dessert :-)

  4. Je ne les trouve pas moche du tout !!! Et je vais m’empresser de les faire ce week end parce qu’ils ont l’air d-é-l-i-c-i-e-u-x !!!!!!

  5. Moches mais MEGA bons ! Je confirme ils étaient top ces gâteaux (et la soirée encore plus !)

  6. Ils ont l’air délicieux mais je n’en ai jamais entendu parlé !

  7. ben moi je les trouve beaux!

  8. Huuum oui ils étaient délicieux !!! ça me donne envie de refaire une petite soirée girly blogueuses, en + j’ai un truc à vous dire les filles :-D
    bisous !!

  9. je ne les trouve pas si moches moi !!!

  10. Coucou! leur nom m’a fait sourire! j’aimerais bien tester! je n’ai rien contre ce qui est moche et bon haha
    surtout que tes biscuits ne sont pas moches du tout!


  11. Merci pour le partage de cette super recette, ils me tentent beaucoup !!


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