Emilie’s Road Trip to Sydney

So, this was a bit spontaneous but I have had a cellulite treatment with my fav clinic in Melbourne, buuuut their machine broke down so I could not have my second treatment and they said that I do need to have it in the next week or so as they will not be getting their machine back until the week after and I’m going away for Christmas.

So I looked up a clinic in Sydney called Smoother Skin Clinic and they have a VelaShape III and some space during the week for me 🙂

Now this didn’t all go to plan, infact it made me a bit sad. Not for me or Robin but for the poor lady who got into a fender bender just before the airport. We later saw her on our flight!! so that was a bit funny. We showed her the picture we took of her looking at her car, she did look very sad. She managed to laugh about it later but she said that she was very stressed at the time.

fender bender in Melbourne

Robin my friend and I have flown to Sydney and will be staying in the city. Wow it is expensive accommodation in Sydney this time of the year, but that was no concern, what was of concern was getting the best cellulite treatment in Sydney!

It is a beautiful day and the clinic is very near to Circular Quay. I drank lots of water as I had to on the last treatment and went in for my cellulite session. It is a beautiful clinic, in fact it is a huge hair salon. I got talking to the receptionist and she said they were the largest female dedicated hair salon in Australia (Detail Woman) and the largest male dedicated hair salon in the world (Detail for men). Very intersting.

My therapist was excellent and did a great job. I was such a lovely treatment, like a deep massage. Before I knew it, it was all over.

After the treatment we went for a big walk which is what the lovely lady at Smoother skin said to do and it was the most beautiful day in Sydney. We walked all around Circular Quay and up to the Sydney Harbour bridge

walk up sydney harbour bridge

So that is the second treatment I have had an wow can I say that I have noticed the biggest difference, Robin has too. My skin feels so much smoother, a lot of the loose skin has tightened up nicely and the cellulite has almost gone. They said at both clinics that I need to have four treatments to see the best results and I am already happy after two.

We had dinner down at the rocks it was a beautiful evening. There was a huge group of what looked like pensioners at the restaurant. Our waiter said they had come in on a cruise and they ate at their restaurant every night for the month, every single night! They were all from England.

Well that ends a fantastic trip to Sydney, so pleased to be able to share it with Robin and the Sofitel was just lovely to stay in.

Lots of love

Em xx