Hello World & Melbourne Cup

What a wonderful two weeks it has been in Melbourne, I love this time of the year. Spring is coming to an end, the heat is coming back slowly and the seasons are changing, bliss

Most of all I love the feeling in Melbourne when the Cup is on, it is unlike anything I have experienced in any city I have lived in.

Enough about racing, back to why I am using my family website to tell my story to friends and family around the world.

It started with my eldest daughter after having two children and suffering badly from stretch marks, we were looking for a stretch mark removal treatment in Melbourne that would reduce the appearance of her marks so she could get some of her confidence back after having babies.

We did some digging and in the end it was a clinic that was not operating when I used to work in Richmond, mind you the clinic I used to work at no longer is in operation so maybe this is just what happens. I did research for my daughter on different stretch mark treatments and this clinic seemed to have the best knowledge and their website had the best information with before and after photos.

So I had my daughter enquire as I wanted her to want to do this and not me doing it as her mother. She ended up contacting four clinics and booking an appointment with two clinics. In the end she only went to one appointment as after the appointment or consultation as the called it she was extremely happy and did not think she needed to see any other providers. Plus the other clinic had the same treatment device and the price was more expensive.

The clinic she ended up going with was called Feel Good Laser & Skin Clinic in Richmond. I went along to the appoitment as it was not far from where we live and the clinic was very nice, quite new which I liked. The technology they had in there was very impressive, aesthetic devices have come a long way since I was in the beauty industry.

We had a great consulation with a lovely lady, she said that she would be the same person who will be reducing her stretch marks if we chose to go ahead. My daughter is looking to have another baby (last apparently), she has two already. We talked about the options for treating her stretch marks now or waiting. The lady said that if we treat them now it will work much better because the stretch marks are new. Because she did not get any stretch marks from her first boy, that means they are new and will respond to treatment a lot better than older stretch marks. So if she waits until she is pregnant again and then having to wait till after the next baby and then until breast feeding is over ideally, the first lot of scars will be quite old and would not remove as easily.

So that was the plan for us to get them removed now rather than later. So we were really happy and booked for a treatment next week for her (an early christmas present from Adam and I 🙂 )

So it has been a really good November. The only problem with going into a clinic again is that they offer so much more than stretch marks, so I will definitetly be having their cellulite treatment and they said they have a device that can permanently remove fat, like liposuction. So I have booked a cellulite appointment for next week when my daughter is having her stretch marks treated.

Excellent, thanks for reading will update next week on both our treatments.

Emilie xxx