My Cellulite Present For Christmas

Now that the excitement of Melbourne Cup has died down it seems everyone has switched to Christmas. It seems like the next day everyone has their Christmas trees up and decorations up in every store. My goodness it seems early this year!

So we had a great treatment for my daughter’s stretch marks, still some more treatments to go, but the redness has died down in 3-4 days in the skin around her marks. You can see now that the scars are changing colour slightly but they said it will take 3-4 weeks to see a real difference.

When I was in the waiting room I got talking to the nice young man behind the counter. I asked him about cellulite as this has always bugged me, that and lose skin (from getting old). We got talking about what sounds like a great cellulite treatment in Melbourne. He gave me some information about a treatment called Velashape which is a device that removes cellulite apparently!

So I did some googling when I got home and found this video on the you tube

It is a bit of a loud video for me at my old age but when I turned down the noise (you don’t need to listen to it) it was a very helpful treatment.

I ended up having a free chat with one of their cellulite therapists and she assessed my cellulite. Apparently I have class three cellulite which means it is visible when sitting or standing without pinching the skin. Which I knew because I have a mirror haha

We also talked about my loose skin as I have got older and they said that the same treatment will also tighten skin. Apparently this device does three things, removes fat from fat cells (but does not destroy the fat cells), tightens skin and removes cellulite.

Very interesting so I have booked a treatment on this Velashape thing but she also talked to me about combining this treatment with another called UltraShape which is one of the best non surgical liposuction treatments in Melbourne. This got me very interested!

So, I said to the nice lady, this combined treatment will tighten my skin, get rid of my cellulite and permanently reduce my fat cells so I can’t fill them up… she said that is exactly what it will do. Perfect I said, book me in.

I will need four treatments, I had one later that day and three more I paid for for a very good discount.

I;m getting very good at this you tube thing now so I found another video on the ultrashape when I was looking on the line

I can say that the treatment has absolutely no pain, it was a very nice treatment actually. It was kind of like a deep massage. The lady I had my free chat with, she did both treatments. She explained everything to me very well and I was super impressed with how nice she was. It is nice to have someone fuss over you every now and then 🙂

Both the treatments were very nice, they did not stay in one place for long, it moved up and down by the ladies hand and covered all areas a couple of times and that was enough apparently.

Tonight I noticed a real difference in my skin quality, it is tighter but apparently I will not see the full results for three months about.

So that is great, very happy with our visit to feel good, I do feel good actually.

Keep smiling everyone

Emilie xx